Paul Mansley

Photos & Retouching

I carry my trusty and long-suffering DSLR wherever I go. Taking pictures is never a chore to me. The camera feels like a natural extension of my person and through it I find I'm able to express my creativity and attempt to capture the essence of people. Whenever I travel it's not: 'passport, tickets, wallet'. It's: 'passport, tickets, camera'. Indiana Jones has his hat, Del Boy his three wheeled van and I have my camera.

General Photography and Retouching Sample

Whether it be a frank, no holds barred, portrait, glamour shoot or album cover; with in excess of fourteen years Adobe Photoshop retouching experience, nine years of DSLR camera operating experience and an in-depth knowledge of studio lighting, all coupled with an art direction background, you need look no further.

Wedding Photography: Capturing Happiness

If you're lucky, it happens once, so it's crucial that the details of your big day are diligently recorded so as to be looked back upon with great fondness. The best wedding photos are the ones that capture the essence of people, as people are the most important part.

Brand Photography: Ocaldo and Wabbo Colour Products

Ocaldo, an iconic part of childhood life, spanning three generations, commissioned a series of images to augment their existing web presence and brand awareness. Here are a small sample:

Brand Photography: Altek Crop Spraying Components

A sample of product photography as commissioned by Altek for use at a large agricultural show in the U.S.A.