Paul Mansley

Music & Film

Both my imagination and diverse skill set are perfectly suited to working on pop promo and film projects. Being an art director on set means that your resourcefulness is constantly tested in order to deliver real time solutions to whatever a producer may require of you. If they need a pink battleship by noon, they get a pink battleship by noon. It's as simple as that.

Episodic Short Film Spread Over Four Music Videos

Here are four music videos that accompany the 'To Kill a King' E.P. The videos function as episodes of a short film, so watch them in order from left to right of the thumbnails. The TKAK E.P. is entitled 'My Crooked Saint'. The 'My Crooked Saint' series was directed by Jack King with Mikolaj Jaroszewicz as director of photography and produced by Run Productions for EMI.

Music Video Production Design

When it comes to iconic music video production, the power of tailored production design, sets and props can't be underestimated. In fact, with over 1.45 million YouTube views to date, two MySpace video chart number ones and regular airtime on MTV2, Kerrang! and Scuzz, the proof really is in the pudding of a Paul Mansley production designed video.

Short Film Production Design

The official trailer of Left Eye Blind's short film 'Life On The Line' (left) exemplifies how Paul Mansley production design and set development can transform an empty space into an ultra realistic call centre, complete with office furniture and the highly personal desktop trinkets of its fictional inhabitants. This set was so convincing that the veteran D.O.P. mistakenly assumed it was a location sourced by the production team. The trailer for 'Fawn' (right) demonstrates how a marriage of honed research and thoughtful loction dressing enables everyday countryside spaces to become the settings for sinister drama - from forensic crime scenes to the personal effects of the deceased. Fawn is the story of a young murder victim, whose body has never been found, looking back on the last moments of his life on the Yorkshire Moors. Fawn, commissioned by Screen Yorkshire, is a Picture Lock production, written and directed by Ron Wright.