Paul Mansley


Whilst working as a standby art director and set designer / set builder, it occurred to me that it would be hugely advantageous to become proficient in the vast intricacies of woodworking. Woodworking to a set designer is like Photoshop to a photographer. Many skills needed in crafting timber are directly transferable to other facets of design, be it technical accuracy, the correct interpretation of CAD drawings or a pride in the level of finish.

Commercial Joinery to Artisan Craftsmanship

With two and a half years of intensive workshop experience and the splinters to prove it, you'd be hard pushed to find a creative practitioner with a comparably commercial skill set. Whether it's the production management of mass joinery projects for global retail brands or the manufacture of bespoke domestic furniture, you can have faith in a honed technical diligence and a genuine pride in the level of finish. Previous projects include the manufacture of high-end high street hardwood furniture from CAD drawings through to mass-produced street furniture and one-off commissions. Trained in a wide range of workshop machinery from surface planes, band saws, morticers and wall saws right down to the dextrous intricacies of the humble chisel.